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What is a corporate photo library?

It is a package of lifestyle photos (cca. 100) featuring your company and its products in high-quality photo bank standards. With a large quantity of photos, you will have enough promotional material suitable for PR articles in the media, annual reports, websites, and social media, or for flyers.

If you are a manufacturing company, we will show not only your product but also how it is made. If you are a school, we will show that children are excited to be there - capturing their breathless attention during captivating lectures or chemistry experiments, the great groups they form with their friends, the fun they have during physical education in your well-equipped gymnasium, and how much they enjoy the healthy food in the canteen. Have your children or teachers won any awards? Let's show it!

A corporate photo library will showcase not only your product but also the life of your company from all angles.

Why would you want a corporate photo library?

Photos sell. It is the psychological effect of "image superiority". Customers remember you much better through photos than text, and today's fast-paced world only amplifies this effect. And besides that:

  1. You will get a large number of photos, giving you many presentation options without repeating yourself. Social media alone consumes a lot of photos, so having variations of them definitely pays off!

  2. The photographs are directly from your company, making them authentic but still captured in a lifestyle, professional quality. No one will have the same photos.

  3. Unlike images downloaded from a photo bank, you won't have to worry about you and your competition using similar pictures for promotional materials. You won't experience this faux pas.

A corporate photo library will truly facilitate your external and internal communication.

What does a corporate photo library include?

You get to determine the content. It is always tailored and created through mutual agreement. We will propose, advise, and offer possible solutions, and you can make the final decision.

The photos have a lifestyle character and capture the life of your company, its top-notch equipment, spaces, employees, customers, and your end product. They will show the great atmosphere in your company and show you as a love brand.

So, in most cases, the photos will include: company premises, your team at work, during meetings, training, and other activities, portraits of management and key team members, as well as the team together - after all, you are all pulling in the same direction. We will show your satisfied customers, the production process of your product - showcasing your top-notch production technology and techniques. Last but not least, you will have lifestyle photos of your products.


How is a corporate photo library different from advertising photography?

A lot, although some of the photos you receive may be used in a similar way. In short - advertising photography is arranged by your media agency and produces a small amount of visual materials tailored to a specific communication campaign. On the other hand, a corporate photo library consists of a large number of photos that can be used for the widest range of promotional purposes. It allows you to present yourself in various situations, both externally to customers, business partners, or donors, and internally to shareholders or employees.





How are the photos from you better than photos from a picture agency? 

They are authentic, taken in your company, which makes you much more trustworthy. You will definitely notice this in the favor of your customers. And you won't find your competition downloading the exact same photos from a picture agency. You certainly don't want to have the same images on your website or flyers. However, in terms of quality, you will receive equally excellent photos, as we have been photographing for picture agencies for many years.



Where can I use the photos, and will they be mine forever? 

Everywhere. They are in print quality, large enough for billboards. You can use them as PR material in all media - magazines, television, social media, flyers, billboards, for decorating sales areas or company spaces, on websites, in your annual reports, corporate magazines, invitations - basically everywhere you need to present yourself. The price includes the rights to use the images without any time restrictions. So, you can use them forever.

What will be included in my company's photo bank if I don't produce anything and provide services ?

For example, if you provide insurance services, in addition to contact with customers, photos of your team etc.,  your photo library will contain lifestyle photos for each type of insurance. If you are a supermarket, it can include lifestyle photos of staff in the store, interacting with customers, as well as lifestyle shots of various products (such as vegetable cultivation or enticing food photos). These can be used to decorate the sales space or in your company magazine and anywhere else.  .

Do you photograph real employees and customers?

It depends on your wishes and needs. Portraits of management and key experts have significant value. For employee photos, it varies. We photograph both - real employees in their everyday tasks and their natural environment, as well as hired models representing employees. Both have advantages and disadvantages, which we will explain during the preparation for the shoot. Customers will be mostly hired models, if not agreed otherwise.

Will the photo shoot limit the operation of our company? 

This can vary depending on what needs to be photographed. It will be different for an operating room compared to a production hall. However, we are experienced in shooting during regular operation. For example, even a bakery did not have to interrupt production for the shoot, even though we photographed the entire production process. It simply requires careful planning.

How large is your team?

We are a small team and typically work with 3 to 4 people for a shoot, along with the agreed number of models if needed.

How long does the shooting take?

It varies depending on what needs to be photographed and how complicated it is to work on location. An average shooting day lasts 4 hours, but this information should be taken with caution as it can vary greatly. You will get an accurate estimate once we clarify your needs and requirements and once we visit your location.

Do I need to prepare anything in my company for the shoot?

There are two things to consider.

  1. Firstly, we would need a small area where our team can store equipment, props, styling items, and where potential models can wait.

  2. Secondly, we would appreciate having a guide - someone who knows the layout of your company and, more importantly, how things are done. For example, if we are shooting in a laboratory, we might need guidance on how to use certain equipment correctly. It is essential that our models accurately portray the roles they are representing. .


Will the photos be expensive?

We dare to claim that we offer the most favorable prices on the market when comparing price-performance. We are a small team, and thanks to our small size, we are efficient. Honestly, we don't make a big fuss around the shoot, we don't organize expensive catering and the like. Yes, we can also create a big production if desired, but then you will pay significantly more, and you probably don't want that.


Why don't you have a price list on your website?

Because each specific project will have its own price. Some clients want photos with models, while others prefer only their own team in the pictures. Some require 2 models, while others may need 20. The cost of models can also vary. In some locations, lighting equipment is necessary, while in others, it is not. Sometimes one shooting day is enough, while other times two or more are needed. Sometimes we have to travel quite far to reach you, other times you are just around the corner. All these factors have a significant impact on the price. Therefore, it doesn't make sense to provide a "general price list" because the final amount will differ. Write to us or give us a call, and you will receive a preliminary estimate within 3 days.

How does the photoshoot go?

It’s best to explain it in detail. What is certain is, that it can also be fun, and many of our clients tell they enjoyed the photoshoot with us. What awaits you is described below.

How a corporate photo library is created 


From preparations to the digital pile of photos in your computer and your final "Wow, it’s even better than we expected!”


  • You tell us what you need, and within a few days, we will prepare a creative proposal for you, detailing what your corporate photo library could contain. At this point, you will also receive a preliminary estimate. Once you approve our proposal and we agree on the exact content and possibly the number of models, the next phase of preparations follows.

  • We will come to your location to get an idea of the place, lighting conditions, etc. After visiting the location, you will receive an exact estimate, and we will definitively agree on the shooting date.


  • .At the agreed time, our team and models (if needed) will come to your company. Models will change clothes, get makeup done, and the photographer will set up the equipment. This usually takes 30 - 45 minutes. Then, we start shooting. Your guide will lead us, and we gradually photograph everything that is needed. After the shoot, we pack up the equipment, props, styling, and leave.


  • Let the party begin! Well, okay, now seriously. From your perspective, nothing much is happening right now. But we are working diligently. Post-production is still needed. We sit at our computers, selecting the best shots, adjusting their brightness and tone, and retouching them. This usually takes 2 weeks, but it can sometimes take longer. However, you will always be informed in advance. Post-production work is already included in the estimated price.

  • Hooray, we have photos for you! Your corporate photo library is ready. We will deliver the photos to you on a flash drive or electronically in print quality. The format will be agreed upon in advance, usually JPGs or RAW files.

  • .You’re thrilled with the beautiful photos that will help you create the perfect presentation for your company. And we look forward to seeing you again in some time. Don’t say that nothing new will happen at your place that needs to be photographed!