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"The photoshooting was conducted in a pleasant atmosphere. The collaboration was dynamic, friendly, and highly professional, which is reflected in the final quality of photos. We have plenty of beautiful photos that can be effectively used on our website and social media. I can recommend it to everyone!"

Petra Petrů, Letov


"The collaboration was absolutely perfect. Professional team, top-notch equipment, well-organized photo shoot, and high-quality outputs. Definitely a great choice. I recommend it!"

Petr Solil, Biocev


"We really appreciate your positive and professional approach. The collaboration was very pleasant and accommodating. The photos turned out very natural and realistic."

Václav Nejman, Lesy HlmP


"The photoshooting was very professional, efficient, and full of great and unconventional ideas. From an organizational perspective, there was nothing to criticize. The photographer was very professional, active, and brought non-traditional ideas. The outcome exceeded our expectations. We have fond memories of the event and look forward to further collaboration because we truly enjoyed the photo shoot."

Jitka Hošková, Sunny Canadian School


"The photos are absolutely stunning and bring joy not only to us but also to our customers who use our premises for various events. Thank you very much for the cooperation and we will definitely use your services again in the future and recommend them to our clients."

Adéla Bartáková, Spaces


"It's amazing. You are incredibly skilled. When I compare the time our previous photographer spent with lighting equipment, makeup artists, etc., and the results they achieved versus what you managed to accomplish in just a few hours of work, I take my hat off to you."

Jana Nováková, Refrakční centrum Praha


"Perfect collaboration and truly great results. The photos are still serving us and are a great asset in our marketing materials."

Pavel Žák, Nábytek Jacques


"The photos turned out to be meaningful, comprehensive, and effectively communicated our agenda and vision. The photographer managed to capture the atmosphere and evoke positive emotions that we were looking for. Excellent work with light. Thank you and we recommend you to everyone."

Jan Bartoš, Elpida


"Your excellently executed photography of various therapeutic procedures at our Resort in Františkovy Lázně deserves nothing but praise and confirms your perfect professionalism, which is top-notch!"

Richard Němeček, Spa Resort Pawlik Aquaforum


"Absolutely amazing experience, professional approach, attention to detail, light, and composition. The photos are lively, colorful, and full of energy. We recommend it to anyone looking for uncompromising quality."

Petr Marcinčák, Víno Marcinčák


"We were satisfied with the course of the photo shoot, everything went smoothly, and in the end, we received beautiful photos that we gladly use in our visuals. Overall, we were very satisfied with the collaboration and look forward to continuing in the future."

Veronika Slavíková, IQ Landia


"The photography was absolutely professional. Everything went smoothly, and the experienced team managed it during operation without any limitations. The result was great photos that we worked with afterwards. We appreciate the collaboration and thank you for it."

Martina Tlustá, Galerie Harfa

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